Bosch MotorSports Knock Sensor, Donut Type, 0261231188

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Bosch MotorSports Knock Sensor, Donut Type, 0261231188

Product SKU : 0261231188

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Product Description

This genuine Bosch knock sensor is suitable for using with all Link G4+ series ECUs as well as the Link KnockBlock G4/G4+ or KnockLink G4 and is the same sensor that these products were designed for. This sensor is preferred over other options due its high quality and wide frequency measurement range.

This is a universal ‘wide-band’ type knock sensor rather than a resonant type which is tuned to a particular engine’s knock frequency of interest. In technical terms this means that the sensor’s resonant frequency is above 20kHz with a wide pass-band to give a relatively flat response over a frequency range between 3kHz and 15kHz. This allows this sensor to monitor either the fundamental knock frequency or 1st harmonic for most engines.

Does not include Knock Sensor Mating Plug 1287013003 (Uses a Bosch 2-pin injector plug).


This sensor is mounted to the cylinder block using an 8mm high tensile bolt (not included). While the sensor can be mounted in any position with respect to rotation or angle, the ideal mounting location on the engine’s cylinder block is as follows:


For inline 4 cylinder engines – Half way between the sump gasket and head gasket on the intake side of the engine between cylinders 2 and 3.

For inline 6 cylinder engines – Use 2 sensors mounted half way between the sump gasket and head gasket on the intake side of the engine with one sensor at cylinder 2 and the other at cylinder 5.

For V6 or V8 engines – Use 2 sensors both mounted on the intake side on the engine (i.e both in the ‘V’) at or between the middle cylinders.

While these are the ideal positions to mount the knock sensor(s), if it is not possible to mount the sensor(s) at these recommended locations, then the next closest possible location should be chosen

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