DSR5576J Turbo (AKA Bee's Knees) 500HP/T3

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New DSR430 AKA 5576J (Bee's Knees)


OLD Spec DSR430/.58AR (Water cooled) Journal Bearing
TW 64 mm Inducer x 47 mm exducer
CW 52 mm inducer x 75 mm exducer (Cover .50)

New DSR430 (DSR5576J (Water cooled) Journal Bearing
TW 65 inducer x 56.59 Secret trim
CW 56.57 mm x 76mm Secret trim (Cover .54)

3" Inlet
2" Outlet

Option of AR48 or AR58
5 Bolt Rear


Each DSR5576J includes its very own unique VSR balancing report.
(Looks abit like a Dyno report! On Paper)

They also include Stainless Steel 5 bolt gasket and Stainless Steel T3 gasket - as well as oil inlet and outlet gasket.


The Compressor cover is "internally" larger than the original DSR430 of 5AR. The DSR5576J is ported out to 5.4AR! Yet the physical outside remains the same size!

The Compressor & Turbine wheel are larger and made from high grade material, which results in a more durable stronger Turbo. Even though they are lighter compared to the original DSR430 the boost comes on earlier in the DSR5576J.

A lot of the research and development was invested into the new DSR5576J focusing on the internals of the turbocharger "the Trust bearing and journal bearings”. What we discovered was that the secret of a good journal turbo was the material chosen.

The DSR Thrust bearing and shaft bearings now have a much higher content of lead within them as lead works as a natural lubricant. What happens is when a turbo is on constant boost the thrust collar is starting to press harder and harder against the fixed thrust bearing until its pressing so hard against it the oil cant pressurize a layer of oil between the two surfaces. This causes serious wear on the thrust bearing. A tell tale sign when this has happened is when you hold your hand on the compressor wheel and pull it back & forwards and if it you can feel movement and a makes a sound you may have thrust bearing wear.

Both the compressor wheel and the turbine wheel has been developed by DSR (our own design and tooling) and has been vigorously tested, modified and then tested again and again under extreme loads, to breaking point

Boost and power comes in faster and harder and it holds boost longer, all the way through to redline with no signs of dropping off.

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