Exhaust Heat Wrap (White)

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Exhaust Heat Wrap (White)

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$29.99 NZD (inclds GST)

DSR Exhaust Wrap will with-stand continuous heat up to 2000 Degrees (F) and is asbestos free.

By wrapping DSR Exhaust wrap to your headers and exhaust you'll maintain hotter exhaust gases (within the pipe) which will exit your system faster due to decreased density and increased exhaust scavenging is produced. DSR exhaust wrap will also reduce heat from your headers and exhaust system "in your engine bay" from between 60-70%, by doing this you can achieve lower intake temperatures and gain more horsepower!

Each roll is 2" wide, by 50 foot long.
This size (above) length heat wrap can wrap about 1 good meter of 3" exhaust piping with a very close tighten weave/wrap!




To make the most of using this Coloured Exhaust Wrap - Use with DSR White (asbestos) Heat wrap first. First wrap the manifold/down pipe with DSR White SS. From bottom to top. Then wrap Coloured wrap over the top of that for ultimate heat distortion!

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